Blurred image
Adjust the focus! You can do it on the right panel of the mini-cinema CINEMOOD and also in our official application 'CINEMOOD', which you can download in Google.Play and Apple Store.
My CINEMOOD doesn't turn on? What should I do?
This may happen due to low battery. Please plug in charging adapter, give it some time to charge, and try to turn it on again a little later.

If this did not help, please try to change the micro-USB cord. You will surely find another one at home.

If CINEMOOD still doesn't respond, contact us at .
Problem with the projection
1) You see a purple dot on a dark image? Don't worry, your CINEMOOD is not defective – it's an optical peculiarity of the mini-cinema. It appears solely on a dark background.

2) The image is distorted? Please write about it to
CINEMOOD can't find my flash-drive
1) Make sure that your flash-drive is inserted properly.

2) Try to change the OTG cable.

3) Make sure that your flash-drive is not in the exFAT format. If it's so, change it to FAT or NTFS formats.
Can't connect my speakers/headphones to CINEMOOD
1) Turn on a 'pairing' mode on your headphones/speakers.
2) Go to the 'Settings' section on your CINEMOOD to open a 'Bluetooth' section. Find the icon of your speakers/headphones.
3) Click on the icon and wait for a little bit.
4) Enjoy ;)
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